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Hezarfen Ensemble - Özcan Ulucan (violin), Şenol Aydın (violin), Ulrich Mertin (viola), Gökhan Bağcı (violoncello)

Lesser Beings (2018)

11 minutes - for string quartet

Written for Hezarfen Academy 2018

Performed by Hezarfen Ensemble, March 01.2018 - Ankara, Turkey.

'Lesser Beings' can be regarded as the outcome of a faint sentiment which I can only materialize through an image: simple, imaginary life forms that just so happened to exist in space, interacting with each other, stepping into motion in attempts to justify their existence.

As human beings we would watch this attempt with fondness and sympathy; however, this sympathy also brings along an implicit pity with it. The affinity that we show to the naive being of the other is also the realization of our own complex being which we position opposite to theirs. Even though we might not be conscious of it, we find ourselves to be more potent next to their vulnerability, maybe see an ineptitude in them which we also feel in our own being; but nevertheless reject to acknowledge them as our equivalent. For this reason, our fondness only stands as long as this hidden hierarchy is maintained. If it ever happens that these beings which we call simple somehow break their boundaries and reach our level of power and intellect, then they would stop being likable and turn into a potential threat. I wanted to watch 'Lesser Beings' with the same fondness and distant intimacy, and embrace the ineptitudes I would be afraid to find in myself through these imaginary entities.


Art: Mikalojus Ciurlionis

Hezarfen Ensemble's performance of Lesser Beings:

Hezarfen Ensemble:

Özcan Ulucan (violin)

Şenol Aydın (violin)

Ulrich Mertin (viola)

Gökhan Bağcı (violoncello)

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